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Day 7: You can buy NZ meat pies at E-mart!

Ever since I went to Australia, I’ve had a bit of a taste for meat pies. Although I’ve never been to New Zealand, I’ve heard that they’re pretty popular over there too. The meat pies from Down Under are so much better than the pies back in the UK. Since I’ve been in Korea, there have been a couple of pie shops that have opened up. There was one in downtown Daegu, that was okay, but that burned down unfortunately. Then there was a Jesters pie shop that opened up in the Hyundai Department store a few years ago, but from what I heard Jesters Korea went out of business. Now, there is a small pie shop near where I live, which is a franchise called Peggy Pies. All of these stores sold half-decent pies but it wasn’t like those I had in Australia.

Then today, I come home for work, and my wife tells me that she has some meat pies for dinner. At first I thought she meant that she’d made a meat pie. When it comes to Korean cooking, she’s a really good cook, and I really enjoy the food she makes. However, when it comes to western cooking, she struggles a little bit. She usually leaves that to me. So, I was a little bit worried. But then she shows me these pies that she found in *E-mart… in the frozen section.


The wrapping said that they were from New Zealand from a company called Ponsonby. I’d never heard of them before, but they looked alright. We put them in the oven and let them cook for about 40 minutes. When they came out, I was genuinely surprised at how good they were, especially considering they were frozen. Perhaps it’s because I’ve been here too long, and I don’t know what a good pie should taste like any more. They were surprisingly cheap too. One pack was a little under 5,000 KRW (about $5). And to make things even better, one of the packs was on sale: 50% off! I’ve no idea how long E-mart has sold these pies, because we very rarely buy food from the frozen section, but I’ll certainly be heading back there soon.

For any teacher who lives away from their home country, missing certain foods is one of the drawbacks. It doesn’t bother me too much, and there is plenty of western style food here to quench the hunger, but it’s great to find a little something like this. And, until today, I had no idea that you could buy real meat pies from E-mart.

*E-mart is the name of one of Korea’s two main supermarkets. Kind of like a Wal-mart in the US. While a lot of the products are obviously Korean, the selection of foreign foods has increased since I’ve been here.


4 comments on “Day 7: You can buy NZ meat pies at E-mart!

  1. swisssirja
    January 8, 2015

    I hear you, David 🙂 i’ve been in Switzerland for 15 years and still crave some specific estonian food at times (at times, BADLY) fortunately CH and EE aren’t that far so some stuff can be sent over by post ( xmas biscuits dough recently) and some brought over 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • David Harbinson
      January 9, 2015

      I’ve never been that far east in Europe (yet!). What would be a typical Estonian dish?


  2. swisssirja
    January 9, 2015

    Well, typical food, hm … It’s hard to answer as times are changing and people are more adventurous and experimenting with differnt cuisines a lot. But if I’d have to describe a rather typical xmas meal, then – roast potatoes, good, home-made sauerkraut (my dad’s the best, ha-ha), pork meat, lots of different salads, meat jelly, gingerbread biscuits, curd cakes, pickled mushrooms and pumpkin etc.

    We also eat a lot of dark bread, dairy products, fish …
    Estonia is famous for its beer, too!
    Oh, and wonderfull creamy ice-cream

    Should I carry on? I could 🙂


    • David Harbinson
      January 9, 2015

      I know what you mean about it being a difficult question to answer at times. I don’t like it when my students ask me what typical British food is because the answer is not so easy, but I know they are expecting a simple answer, so I apologise for doing to you what my students do to me 🙂

      Roast potatoes are one of the things that I miss the most here. I’ve tried to do them like my mother used to make, but I just can’t get it right, and they always turn out soggy.


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