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Day 77: DreamReader.net

It’s been a long day today, so a short simple post should do. Today’s newly learned thing comes via Mike Griffin’s blog. In his latest interview, he spoke to Neil Millington, whom he met at a conference in Cambodia. Neil is a teacher in Japan, who, six months ago, co-set up a website for language learners. The website is DreamReader.net. You can learn more about the site by reading the post on Mike’s blog.


I’ve yet to suggest it to any of my students, or use any of the materials in any of my classes (because I only learned about it today) but I’ve had a bit of a poke around. There seems to be a nice selection of activities/materials for learners. There are five categories on the site: Easy English, Interesting English, Fun English, Practical English and Academic English.

Easy English

The Easy English section is, as you might imagine, pretty easy. Good for low levels. The lessons are just a picture with a handful of multiple choice questions based on what the students can see. As is the same with all of the lessons, there is an audio recording of the questions for students to listen to as well.

Interesting English

The Interesting English section includes lessons on idioms and proverbs. The lessons typically introduce some common idioms proverbs and then provide some questions below for students to check their understanding.

Fun English

Fun English includes some readings (and accompanying audio) on a selection of topics from The Simpsons to strange food, YouTube to Quidditch and much more in between.

Practical English

Practical English lessons typically include some form of realia, such as a memo, brochure, etc. that students have to read to understand and answer questions on.

Academic English

The Academic English section has short readings on a large number of topics. It’s a little similar to the Fun English section, except that most of the topics are of a slightly more serious theme.


Most of the lessons across the sections have additional downloads such as worksheets for teachers/students to use. Overall, I think the site is a great resource for students. It is well designed and looks clean, and loads quickly. The site has around 250 lessons on it, and the guys behind it try to upload a new lesson every day. They’re hoping to have 500 by the end of the year. Head over to the site DreamReader.net to check it out for yourself and follow them on Twitter.

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