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I’ll be taking  a break from updating the blog with a new post for the next couple of weeks while my sister visits me in Korea from the UK. I … Continue reading

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Day 84: Starbucks Korea and their friendly, multilingual social media gurus

It was 2009 when I had my first taste of Starbucks. I remember it well. It was a vanilla latte (grande size), and it was also the first time I’d … Continue reading

March 25, 2015 · 1 Comment

Day 83: Three little dots

With a limit of just 140 characters, composing tweets on Twitter can be a challenging task. It certainly helps you to be concise, and cut out a lot of waffle. … Continue reading

March 24, 2015 · 1 Comment

Day 82: Fermi Paradox

One of my favourite YouTube channels at the moment is Kurz Gesagt, which has been going for about a year or so. The channel means ‘in a nutshell’ in German, … Continue reading

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Day 81: Videogames or Video games?

During a collective email exchange today, a colleague requested clarification on the style of videogames/video games. While not my place to provide the answer, I immediately thought that surely video … Continue reading

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Day 80: Mileage

The topic in one of my classes today was transportation, and to start off the class, students had a small list of questions to discuss about their preferences for cars, … Continue reading

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Day 78: Alligator or Crocodile?

Ever since my son’s been able to hold on to anything, he’s been fascinated by my phone. At first I wouldn’t let him play with it because he’d end up … Continue reading

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Day 77: DreamReader.net

It’s been a long day today, so a short simple post should do. Today’s newly learned thing comes via Mike Griffin’s blog. In his latest interview, he spoke to Neil Millington, … Continue reading

March 18, 2015 · 1 Comment

Day 76: Fencing: A martial art?

During one of my 1-to-1 classes today, we were talking about the topic of sports. The student (female, late 20s, an office worker) had the task of ranking different sports … Continue reading

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Day 75: YouTube and 301

If you spend a lot of time on YouTube (I do), you’ll probably have come across videos from time to time with 301 or 301+ views. It often happens with … Continue reading

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Day 74: O’clock

I wrote about time when I learned about military time on Day 54. Today is another time-related post, but this time about the phrase o’clock. It’s a phrase many people probably … Continue reading

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Day 73: KWHL charts

Today, I attended a small conference in the city of Gwangju, which is in the south west of Korea. One of the talks I got the chance to see was … Continue reading

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