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Day 59: Tittles


A shorter than usual post today.

In many forms of the Roman alphabet, such as English, the lowercase letters i and j are different from all the rest. Both of these letters have a small dot at the top. This small dot is called a tittle. Merriam-Webster defines a tittle as “a point or small sign used as a diacritical mark in writing or printing.” However, the second definition in Merriam-Webster, which is also the primary one on OxfordDictionaries.com, says that the word means a tiny amount or part of something.

The word tittle can be found in the Bible in the phrase jot or tittle. The phrase appears in Matthew 5:18 and was first translated into English in 1526 when it appeared as one iott or one tytle. In 1611, when the King James Version of the bible was completed, it appeared as one jot or one tittle.

While it can be used today to talk about a small part, it appears that it’s not at all common to use in everyday speech.

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